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Feel the benefits of private yoga classes

Do you have a specific health concern that makes you think twice about going to a large yoga class? Are you getting over an injury and would like personal attention to ease you back into improved mobility? Do you want further clarification on your alignment and technique in your yoga practice? Want to take your yoga practice to the next level? Private Yoga classes might be just what you're looking for!

Each session is tailored to your individual needs, giving you the chance to fully explore your capabilities while under the careful guidance of a skilled teacher. During your private class, I pay special attention to your alignment, offer gentle assists, and help you realize all the benefits a yoga practice can offer.

Private yoga can be anything you like! Here are some ideas that might speak to you:

Restorative Yoga - passive yoga where you’re supported by props to relax and reduce stress and tension in your body.

Feel Good Yoga - a tailored practice for your aches or pains.

Yoga Basics - for newbies to yoga or those looking for a refresher in the fundamentals.

Yoga for Athletes - a practice to help you be a better runner, cyclist, basketball player, etc.

Goal Pose Yoga - is there a yoga pose that you find difficult or would like to explore further?

Couples Yoga - a yoga class for you and a loved one to practice together.

Private Yoga Rates

For 1-2 people:

30 minute classes in your home (within Toronto) - $70

60 minute classes in your home (within Toronto) - $95

Choose to purchase and schedule in advance a package of 60 minute classes and save:

3 class package - $270 (save $15)

6 class package - $522 (save $48)

10 class package - $840 (save $110)

For groups of 3 or more - ADD $30 to each fee option

I will gladly accommodate and reschedule one cancellation for every package of classes purchased. Otherwise, no other missed classes can be rescheduled.

All fees are subject to HST. All fees are non-refundable. Payment can be made through Email Money Transfer, with a personal cheque or cash.

Prices are subject to change.